In the Reconnection series the flowers speak on behalf of Nature, gently reminding us of an eternal presence and our spiritual origins.  The ceramics, glass and textiles represent the creative hand of mankind forming a partnership with Nature.  The intense detail of the macro view, along with the perspectives of concept, colour and composition, form the four pillars of a bridge for this reconnection.


Moral Compass

This series builds on the eastern words of wisdom "Drop by drop is the water pot filled.  Likewise, the wise man, gathering little by little, fills himself with good"  (The Buddha).  An individual wanting to reconnect with Nature must first strive to build a moral compass to guide their journey.  These works encourage the individual to reconstruct one’s daily thoughts, actions and emotions into a higher form of one’s self.



By definition, to reconstitute means to return to a former state by the addition of water.  The works in this series form a ‘water bridge’, supporting the reconnection of mankind with Nature.   The 'water bridge' images aid the return of mankind to a partnership with Nature and symbolise the ‘spiritual metamorphosis’ required of each individual traversing that bridge.



The Interwoven series explores how one, having successfully crossed the ‘water bridge’, may collaborate with others to build a new future.  Each image represents the soul strivings or ‘heart thoughts’ experienced in the journey of metamorphosis.  These images viewed collectively as if magnified, form the wing patterns of a newly emerged butterfly.


Butterfly House

This series explores the development of a unified Cosmos, the Partners working together in harmony to build new foundations of love and wisdom.   The images represent both the laying of the foundation stones for the ‘Butterfly House’ and the beginning of a new future where 'Happiness is to hold flowers in both hands' (Japanese Proverb).



The flight of the Butterfly and a platform for further evolution is the focus for this series.  Each image represents a key milestone to be achieved by the Partners of a united Cosmos working together to achieve new eternal heights.


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